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Unveiling All The Essentials Of Permanent Cosmetics

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

In our relentless quest for long-lasting cosmetic solutions that promise to endure the entire day, one technique stands head and shoulders above the rest: permanent makeup. But what exactly does permanent makeup entail? Often labeled as "cosmetic tattooing," "derma pigmentation," or "micropigmentation," this procedure introduces pigment into the skin's upper layer, specifically around the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. It is an effective tool to conceal scars, burns, and Vitiligo and rectify some facial irregularities.

"As much as we revive people's physical attributes, we also rejuvenate their self-esteem," articulates Dr. Kyla Gutsche, a former professor turned tattoo artist, who entered the field following her encounter with cosmetic tattoos after battling cancer. "We counterbalance facial features affected by strokes and aging, rectify lip lines post-surgery, enhance eyebrows that have suffered from over-plucking or cancer treatments, and color scars so they harmonize with the adjacent healthy skin shades."

Beyond repairing facial characteristics post-trauma, permanent makeup has broad cosmetic applications. Procedures like permanent eyeliner, lip coloring, and microblading can amplify facial features and significantly reduce your morning prep time. It can also serve non-invasive body reconstruction purposes, such as concealing scars or aiding in nipple restoration post-surgery. Sounds impressive.

For those intrigued by non-surgical restoration or those contemplating integrating a more durable step into their beauty regimen, here are seven crucial points to consider before proceeding with permanent makeup.

1. Prioritize Selecting a Competent Technician

Identifying the right artist requires you to focus on safety, creativity, and technique. "Without a safe technician, your progress may be hindered; without the artistic flair, the outcome could be disfiguring; and if safety and creativity are present, but the technique is lacking, your tattooed areas could appear blotchy and fade," Gutsche advises.

2. It’s Longevity Spans Years

Like traditional tattoos, the ink in permanent makeup fades with time and exposure to the sun. The duration of its freshness varies among individuals, generally lasting from two to five years without requiring any touch-up.

3. Always Examine an Artist's Previous Work

Similar to reviewing a tattoo artist's portfolio before entrusting them with your skin, the same scrutiny applies to permanent makeup. "Search for practitioners open to introducing you to previous clients who've received similar services," Gutsche suggests. "This gives you a measure of the technician's rapport with their clients and offers an opportunity to evaluate their work personally."

4. The Color Will Diminish

A fiery red lip immediately after the procedure does not guarantee the same hue forever. Post-procedure, the color will intensify for about four to seven days during skin healing. The final color, noticeable four weeks after the treatment, will be approximately 50-60% lighter than the initially applied pigment.

5. Avoid Salons Promoting Annual "Touch Ups."

Like any conventional tattoo, cosmetic tattoos are designed to be durable. It was likely improperly executed if your cosmetic tattoo requires a touch-up within a year. "Steer clear of technicians claiming their work necessitates touch-ups annually or less frequently, as they may not have mastered the technique to warrant your trust or financial investment," warns Gutsche.

6. It Does Involve Discomfort

As a tattooing procedure, discomfort is expected. However, the bright side is that, given the sensitivity of the areas involved, most technicians will administer a local anesthetic to lessen the pain.

7. It's For Everyone

There's no specific "ideal candidate" for cosmetic tattooing. People of all ages, ethnicities, and genders can avail of its benefits, with the ink applicable to facial and bodily areas (for instance, correcting nipple shape post-surgery). The only exceptions include pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, undergoing active cancer treatments, or currently on Accutane.

In conclusion, permanent makeup can be a transformative and long-lasting cosmetic solution, beneficial for aesthetic enhancement and therapeutic purposes. This innovative technique revamps your appearance and significantly boosts your self-confidence.

It is crucial, however, to thoroughly research and select a competent, creative, and skilled technician to ensure the best results.

Remember that this procedure, like any other, involves some degree of discomfort and risk, so it's essential to be well-informed and prepared before proceeding. With careful consideration and expert execution, permanent makeup can be a worthwhile addition to your beauty regimen.

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