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Discover Eyebrow Lamination: Tips for Mastering the Look at Home

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It seems like everyone is going for those thick, wild brows these days, and brow lamination is leading the charge. This brow-taming technique can work wonders, even for those of us not blessed with full, bushy brows.

Why Should You Get on the Brow Lamination Train?

Our brow expert and the big brain behind Detroit Beauty Collective & Behold Brows, Brittany Waters, says it's worth every penny. The appointment doesn't take too long, and it doesn't break the bank either!

Brittany picked up this cool trick while she was in Europe and brought it back to her salon in Detroit. Now she's sharing all her pro tips with us! Keep scrolling for Brittany's step-by-step guide on how to laminate brows.

How to Make Your Brows Bold and Beautiful:

  1. Get rid of any extra hair.

  2. Wash off any leftover makeup or oils with a gentle cleanser.

  3. Grab a doe foot wand and put on your perm solution. Make sure you cover all of the brow. This first step helps break down the hair's structure, so you can shape your brows any way you want.

  4. Use a mascara wand to make sure every hair is coated. You can wipe off any excess product with a cotton swab.

  5. Cover your brows with cling wrap and wait a bit. You want it nice and snug, with no air bubbles. Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, depending on your hair texture (start with 10 minutes for fine hair).

  6. Halfway through, shape your brows with a dental brush. Pro tip: Be gentle! You don't want to irritate your skin. At this point, you can start to create a natural curve in your brow. If you feel like your brows are getting a bit dry, feel free to add more of the solution. Put the cling wrap back on. Pro tip: If you've got some hairs that won't cooperate, really press them down with the doe foot wand.

  7. With about a minute left, take off the wrap and give your brows one last brush through.

  8. When your timer goes off, use a wet cotton round to take off the wrap and solution. You'll want to cleanse in the same direction you set the hairs. If some hairs are being stubborn, leave the wrap on for a few extra minutes.\Put on a good amount of neutralizing lotion with your doe foot wand. This step fixes the hair bonds that were broken down by the perm solution. You can take off any excess product with a cotton swab.

  9. Cover your brows with cling wrap again and wait for the same amount of time as before

  10. Halfway through, brush through your brows with the dental brush to check on any stubborn hairs.

  11. Once time's up, use a dry cotton round to remove the wrap and neutralizer. Comb through your brows with a clean dental brush.

  12. Time to shape those brows! Pro tip: Use a highlighter or concealer to guide your plucking. You can also use this line when you tint.

  13. Mix RefectoCil Eyelash & Eyebrow Cream Hair Dye (we're using natural brown here) and Refectocil Oxidant 3% Developer Cream. Apply an even coat of tint to each brow, starting from the bottom. Leave it for 5 minutes. When tinting after lamination, you should cut down your processing time.

  14. Wipe off the dye with a dry cotton round, brushing through the brows. Apply a conditioning treatment and brush through once more.

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