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When Waxing Your Face, Here Are 9 Things That Can Go Wrong

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Many people have learned that professional waxing salons for brows and mustaches exist. If you've tried to wax your wild hairs, you'll understand all the difficulties. Thankfully, my terrible trial-and-error procedure has taught me a few things about how to fix the issues you are sure to encounter when removing those awful little strips.

1. The burning sensation allergic reaction.

There's nothing worse than making an already unpleasant experience even more unpleasant by applying a wax your skin is allergic to. My dear friend, you must carefully examine the ingredient list of any product you put on your face. To ensure you're not allergic to ingredients, apply a bit of wax to your arm a day before using it on your face. Choose hypoallergenic and sensitive skin waxes if possible.

2. Instead of removing hair with wax, you wax your makeup.

Finally, you gathered the courage to stick the waxing strips to your face, discovering that they had only removed a layer of makeup. That was a waste of time! Ensure that you remove all of your makeup before waxing.

3. A "Holy hot dang, this wax is hot!" moment.

Be sure the wax is hot enough to remove the hair, but not so hot that it burns your face. To test the temperature, dab a small amount on your wrist before applying it to your face. If it burns, wait a few minutes for it to cool down a bit.

4. Slip & Slide Strips

If you accidentally apply too much wax, it will slide off and make a gooey, unpleasant mess. To ensure that wax sticks properly to your freshly washed and exfoliated skin, sprinkle a little powder over it before applying strips.

5. Those nasty little ingrown hairs.

It is a misery to experience post-waxing ingrown hairs, and you must endure them till they heal. To prevent this undesirable situation, don't skip exfoliating the morning before you wax the next day. Removing all the dead skin cells before waxing will receive a thorough, hygienic wax.

6. Pulling hairs the wrong way.

For wax to be effective, hair must be pulled in the opposite direction. Waxing in the same direction as hair growth ensures that you receive all of the pain of tugging without any of the benefits of tearing.

7. Major Breakout Struggles

After you wax at home, you may find yourself with a bunch of pimples due to touching your freshly waxed skin with unclean hands, according to Byrdie. Avoid the temptation and apply soothing aloe or zinc moisturizing cream to freshly waxed areas. Then, step away.

8. Waxing the same area too much.

It's upsetting to miss out on just one hair after waxing, but reapplying wax multiple times is not the solution. You will end up with susceptible skin if you do so. Instead, if you have particularly stubborn hair after waxing, grab tweezers and yank it out.

9. Your skin gets irritated because of sweat.

Working out is always beneficial for your body, but sweating over raw skin can result in painful stinging sensations and potential pimples. If you want to take barre or Bootcamp classes immediately after DIY waxing, hold off for a few hours to decrease the chance of sweat-induced breakouts.

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