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What is a Manzillian Wax?

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The Manzilian wax is essentially a Brazilian wax for men. The name has also given rise to variations like "Boyzilian," "Guyzilian," and "Brozilian," with varying degrees of success. The treatment involves removing hair from the genital area, and the exact areas depend on the client's preference. It removes hair around the edges and all genital hair, leaving the groin area fully bare. If desired, the wax treatment can also cover the scrotum, perineum, and the entire anal region.

Male Bikini Vs. Male Brazilian

Although the Manzilian and male bikini wax have similarities, certain key elements set them apart. A bikini wax refers to the removal of hair surrounding the underwear line, and the goal is to clean up this area. For both men and women, the inner thighs and upper area leading to the groin are waxed, and the hair at the edges of the groin area is trimmed for full effect. It is recommended that clients experience bikini waxing before moving on to Brazilian wax, which is more invasive and painful.

Leave it to the Professionals

Waxing intimate areas should be left to professionals. There are specialized techniques and professional experience involved in the process to reduce risks and discomfort. By trying to wax such an intimate area, a beginner can cause serious damage and make way for several infections.

How Painful is Manzilian Wax

The question of pain is very reasonable when dealing with arguably the most sensitive area of a man's body. For those trying Manzilian for the first time, pain is unavoidable. The amount of discomfort during the procedure will depend on the client's pain threshold and the products used to treat the skin. The vitamins and eucalyptus oil in the For Men warm wax work as great alternatives to minimize discomfort. A suitable wax product is also necessary to reduce the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs, which can be a real bother due to the constant friction that takes place in this area.

What Clients Should Expect from Manzilian Wax

The right technique and safe products are essential for Manzilian waxing to instill a sense of security in clients. A Manzilian wax session usually lasts around 40 minutes, and the groin area remains hair-free for two weeks after the procedure. When performed regularly, the hairs grow finer, and more time can pass before having to schedule a new waxing session.

Manzilian Wax Trimming

Before the procedure, there are precautions that clients and aestheticians must keep in mind. Clients must exfoliate the skin in advance and continue the habit for future waxing sessions. The hair must have grown at least one quarter of an inch, while some cases might need prior trimming to reduce pain during the wax treatment. There must be no traces of irritation or infection on the skin, and a sanitized environment is imperative during any waxing session. The aesthetician must be wearing single-use gloves throughout the treatment and use only sterilized accessories to treat the client's skin.

During the Manzilian Wax Procedure

During the procedure, the wax is applied in small patches and pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hard waxes are the most appropriate choice to reduce discomfort and ensure healthy skin afterward. Eucalyptus is an excellent moisturizer and has powerful antibacterial properties to help regenerate the skin. This is why the components in the For Men line are ideal to wax the men's intimate area while nourishing the skin.

Aftercare for Manzilian Wax

Aftercare is essential right after waxing. The aesthetician uses a cool towel to remove wax residues and refresh the skin, followed by a post-depilatory lotion to hydrate the skin. The post-depilatory oil within the For Men kit provides a pleasant healing effect that soothes the skin and neutralizes all risks of irritation and inflammation. For a minimum of 24 hours after the session, clients must avoid physical activities and stay away from the sun, high temperatures, and swimming pools to avoid irritation and inflammation.

Male Waxing Benefits

Male waxing is a great alternative for men who want to remove excess body hair. While shaving is a quick solution that's common among many men, it results in thicker hair that grows back quickly. Waxing takes away all the discomfort that persists after a shaving session and even works as a great performance booster for those with athletic inclinations. Removing excess hair in different body areas also brings other sanitary advantages that the body and people around you will appreciate. Male intimate wax provides all these benefits on an area that's sweat sensitive by nature, without any of the setbacks caused by a razor.

The Best Manzillian Waxing

Manzilian waxing is not unlike any other male waxing procedure in terms of safety and benefits. While it might take time for some men to feel at ease with the procedure, the aesthetician's expertise and the best line of waxing and post-depilatory products will be great sources of comfort. Waxology Weho has all the products and materials needed to ensure the best wax treatment, and male waxing is no exception. If you're interested in this procedure, give us a call at 323-531-5882.

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