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Can You Get Waxed at Waxology Weho with a Sunburn

Let's talk about why wax sunburned skin's not a great idea. Today, we're zeroing in on the big no-no: waxing over sunburned skin. First off, what even is a sunburn? It's not just your skin throwing a tantrum because it got too hot. Sunburn occurs when UV rays from the sun basically have a party on your skin, and your skin's defense system just can't keep up. This leads to sensitive, warm-to-the-touch skin because the UV rays start messing with your skin's structure and even its DNA.

Why Waxing Sunburned Skin Is a Bad Idea

Here's the deal: waxing already stressed-out, sunburned skin is like adding insult to injury. It puts extra strain and irritation on the skin, which can slow down healing big time, or worse, cause more damage.

The Unhappy Side Effects of Waxing Sunburns

Waxing on a sunburn can lead to really sensitive skin and might even cause dark spots to appear. As much as we know our stuff here at Waxology Weho, waxing a sunburn could leave your client with some not-so-fun lasting effects.

Hold Off on Waxing If There's a Sunburn

If someone walks into Waxology Weho with a sunburn, it's crucial to talk about the risks and suggest pushing the appointment until the skin is all healed up. It's partly up to the client to make sure their skin is ready for waxing, but we can give them a heads-up on when it might be safe to come back.

Healing Time for Sunburns

Luckily, sunburns usually heal pretty quickly. How fast depends on how bad the burn is. For mild sunburns, a few days (about 3) should do the trick. For moderate sunburns, we're looking at about 4 to 5 days. But severe sunburns are another story. They look really red, feel super sensitive, might be blistering, and can make the skin look swollen. If that's what's going on, it's time to tell the client to see a doctor, especially if they're feeling sick or have a headache.

Preventing Sunburn

Avoiding sunburn is key, not just for waxing appointments but for your skin's overall health. We love sharing tips with our clients to help them prevent sunburn. It all starts with understanding your skin. People with less melanin get sunburned easier because they have less natural protection against UV rays. And yes, wearing sunscreen every day is a must, even if you're not planning to spend the day at the beach. It keeps your skin looking young and healthy.

Waxology Weho Is Here for All Your Waxing Needs

At Waxology Weho, we're all about offering top-notch products and advice for the waxing world. Consider us your go-to for all things waxing. Let's ensure every waxing experience is good, without the added pain of waxing over a sunburn.

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