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Brazilian Waxing During Menstruation: What You Need to Know?

Many women regularly indulge in the beauty ritual of a Brazilian wax. The monthly flow that plagues women doesn’t have to stand in the way of your next waxing appointment.

Getting a Brazilian wax during your menstrual period might initially sound a bit off-putting to some, but in reality, it's a completely manageable and often practiced aspect of personal grooming. While the idea may seem uncomfortable or even unhygienic at first glance, many women choose to continue their waxing routine during their menstrual cycle.

Here we will highlight some of the things you can do to make your session easier and we will discuss the history of Brazilian waxing and pro tips for waxing after care. Read more to learn about Brazilian waxing and getting waxed while on your period.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A visit to a waxing salon can often be filled with choices. Which body part to wax? What style do you want for your intimate area? A Brazilian wax is the answer for those looking to remove all hair, including from the front, back, and everywhere in between.

History Note: The Brazilian wax method was popularized in the U.S. in the 1980s by the J Sisters from Brazil. While the process might seem painful to some, many find the results worth the discomfort. If you're new to waxing, start with a bikini wax, which only removes hair visible outside a bikini line.

Benefits of Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing offers more than just aesthetic appeal:

  1. Exfoliation: It clears the top layer of dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin.

  2. Cleanliness: Eliminating razor burns and ingrown hairs, waxing provides a fresher feeling.

  3. Self-Confidence Boost: The waxed area might not always be visible, but the confidence it brings is undeniable.

  4. Thinner Hair Growth: Waxing, unlike shaving, removes hair from the root, resulting in finer regrowth.

  5. Long-Lasting Results: Shaving provides a hair-free area for weeks instead of days.

Who Should Opt For It?

Almost anyone with pubic hair can benefit from a Brazilian wax. The process offers hygienic benefits, might enhance intimate experiences, and is a time-efficient grooming method. If you're apprehensive about the potential pain, over-the-counter pain relievers or a dose of courage might help. It's also a great option for those planning beach vacations and looking to flaunt swimwear.

Can You Wax During Your Menstrual Cycle?

Yes, you can get a Brazilian wax while on your period. This is a common concern for many, but it's important to know that it's entirely feasible and not uncommon. Waxing salons are accustomed to providing services to clients during their menstrual cycle and take extra steps to ensure hygiene and comfort. Here are some key points to consider if you're planning to get a Brazilian wax during your period:

  1. Hygiene: Maintain personal hygiene before your appointment. Using a fresh tampon or menstrual cup can help manage menstruation during the waxing process.

  2. Increased Sensitivity: Be aware that your skin might be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle due to hormonal changes. This can mean that the waxing might feel more uncomfortable than usual.

  3. Communication: It's helpful to inform your waxing professional that you are on your period so they can take any necessary additional precautions.

  4. Discretion and Comfort: Professional waxing salons handle such situations with discretion and respect. They are equipped to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible.

  5. Personal Preference and Comfort Level: Ultimately, the decision to get a Brazilian wax during your period depends on your personal comfort level. If you feel unsure, you might choose to reschedule your appointment.

  6. Pain Management: If you're concerned about potential discomfort, over-the-counter pain relievers taken before the appointment can help ease sensitivity.

  7. Salon Policies: It's always good to check with the salon beforehand as some might have specific policies regarding waxing during menstruation.

In summary, getting a Brazilian wax during your period is a personal choice and can be done with some considerations for comfort and hygiene. Professional waxing technicians are trained to handle these situations with care, ensuring a respectful and hygienic experience.

Waxing After-Care Tips

  • Avoid tanning beds, saunas, and hot baths.

  • Refrain from sexual activity immediately after waxing.

  • Minimize skin contact to prevent irritation or acne.

  • Don't apply harsh chemicals to the waxed area.

  • Opt for loose underwear.

  • Use antibiotic ointment or hydrocortisone cream for soothing.

  • After 48 hours, exfoliate to prevent ingrown hair.

  • For persistent ingrown hair, consult with your aesthetician.

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