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Back Waxing: Types of Wax Often Used

Many find back hair aesthetically displeasing and a nuisance, given its tendency to grow in unpredictable patterns. Back hair is no exception. If you’re considering getting your back hair waxed you may want to know that there are different types of wax for removing body hair.

At Waxology Weho, we offer comprehensive body waxing services for both men and women. This ranges from facial waxing to various body parts, including the back. Wondering about the different waxing options for back hair removal and which might be the best fit for you? Here's a comprehensive guide.

Spa Wax

Spa wax is among the most potent wax types suitable for a broad spectrum of hair types. This exceptionally thick and adhesive wax excels in hair root removal. A noteworthy advantage is the prolonged regrowth time of hairs after using spa wax.

The application process involves applying the spa wax in the path of hair growth and then removing it in the opposite direction, ensuring minimal hair length.

Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is favored, especially for those with medium-length back hair. A significant perk of sugar wax is its natural composition, devoid of harsh chemicals. The result is an oily, smooth finish post-waxing.

However, one must ensure the back is free from lotions or oils before opting for a sugar wax session. The presence of such substances can negatively impact the wax's efficiency.

Hard Wax

Hard wax stands out as one of the top contenders for back waxing. Characterized by its warm, thick consistency, it easily latches onto hair follicles. By focusing on hair root removal, hard wax ensures delayed hair regrowth. This type of wax is ideal for short, coarse hair, whether in the initial growth phase or naturally grows only a short time.

Wax Strips

Wax strips offer a unique, convenient method for hair removal. They come in specialized packages tailored for different body parts. Essentially, these are thick wax coatings on strips that take hair along with them when applied and removed from the skin.

The simplicity of wax strips lies in their direct application, followed by a swift peeling action. For effective results, one must rub the strip repeatedly on the skin to ensure firm adherence to the hair and then swiftly pull it off, revealing smooth, radiant skin.

At Waxology Weho, we take care of you. Click Here to schedule your waxing appointment today.

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