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Addressing Dark Lips: The Potential of Lip Blushing to Balance Dark Lip Color

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Many individuals experience dark lips, often due to trauma, smoking, or natural variation. While this is a harmless condition, some may wish to alter their lip color for personal reasons or to feel more confident without makeup.

If you're someone who feels self-conscious about your dark lips and seeks a minimally invasive method to address it, you might have come across the procedure of lip blushing for dark lips. Let's explore its potential and understand how it works.

Understanding Lip Blushing

Lip blushing has emerged as the top lip tattoo method of our times. Offering the advantage of a long-lasting, smudge-proof lipstick effect in your preferred shade that can persist for up to five years, lip blushing has become quite popular. It employs a special machine that breaks the skin to inject pigments of natural origin.

You can also use it to define lip contours, enhance their fullness, hide scars, rectify asymmetrical lips, and, importantly, neutralize dark lips, which is the focal point of our discussion. So let's delve into that aspect.

Why Opt for Dark Lip Neutralization?

There are primarily two reasons behind dark lips. One is a genetic predisposition, typically seen in ethnic lips.

We firmly believe at Waxology that everyone's natural beauty is uniquely wonderful. However, we also recognize the power of the permanent makeup (PMU) industry to address perceived imperfections for those who believe it will enhance their lives. If you truly feel that lip blushing for dark lips will increase your happiness, we encourage you to consider it.

The second cause of dark lips is a form of trauma to the lips, which could stem from injury, vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, specific medications, excessive caffeine intake, smoking, and so on.

How Does Lip Blushing for Dark Lips Function?

Usually, the lip blush procedure involves two sessions. The first is the initial tattooing, followed by a touch-up after a healing period of 6-8 weeks. However, for dark lip neutralization, particularly ethnic lips, multiple sessions may be needed to achieve satisfactory results.

Neutralization for lip blushing on dark lips starts by tempering cool tones and lightening the lip darkness with warm-based pigment. Once the lips are neutralized and healed, a desired color can be added.

Dark lip neutralization can be quite complicated and should only be carried out by a certified and skilled lip blush artist with expertise in color theory and the procedure for dark lips.

Is It Suitable for All?

Specific individuals may not be ideal candidates for dark lip neutralization, especially those with significant lip hyperpigmentation, who might end up with even darker lips after the procedure. Consequently, many artists avoid working on lips rich in melanin. Successfully performing this procedure requires profound knowledge and skill and should only be attempted by highly trained artists.

Hence, if your lips are hyper-pigmented, be cautious – lip blushing could potentially exacerbate the situation.

How Long Does Lip Blushing for Dark Lips Last?

While standard lip blush can last up to 5 years, lip blushing on dark lips tends to have a shorter lifespan, around 1-2 years. After this period, a color refreshment is needed, as dark spots may reappear.

How to Select the Color?

The lip blush artist determines the choice of neutralization shade based on the characteristics of your dark lips. They evaluate whether the dominant hues are greyish, purplish, or brownish and select the appropriate color accordingly. The outcome usually has a natural-looking pinkish and peachy tone. Once healed, you may opt for an additional color overlay.

How to Prepare for a Lip-Blushing Appointment?

You're usually advised to exfoliate your lips three days before the appointment. It's also recommended to avoid any blood thinners, alcohol, caffeine, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aspirin, fish oil, etc., at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Post-procedure Care?

Avoid peeling off any scabs! Your lips will require time to heal, and scabs will start forming around the 5th day post-procedure. This phase may be emotionally taxing, and your lips may temporarily appear darker while they are healing, but hold off on assessing the results until the healing process is complete.

Your lip blush artist will provide an ointment or balm to alleviate any burning or itching sensation during the healing process and expedite the recovery.

Remember, during the first week following the procedure, avoid submerging your lips in water, applying makeup, visiting saunas and swimming pools, excessive sweating, and sunbathing. For the first four weeks, refrain from using exfoliants, acids, and anti-aging serums on the area around your lips.

What is the Cost of Lip Blushing on Dark Lips?

The average cost for a lip blush procedure is around $500. However, lip blushing for dark lips, or dark lip neutralization, is typically more expensive due to the need for multiple treatments.

The Bottom Line

Lip blushing on dark lips involves neutralizing dark spots and the evening of lip color through tattooing. It's a safe and efficient method but only suitable for some. It's crucial to consult with a skilled technician who can properly assess your situation and choose the right pigment color to neutralize dark lips.

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